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Coal boat Christmas card

Christmas is nearly upon us once again. I am offering a pack of ten Christmas cards, with ten different designs for sale on the shop page. I’m pleased with them and hope that they will prove to be popular with all you fans of working boats. Some have a seasonal greeting on the front, and some have “Seasons Greetings” printed inside. 

I have also added a couple of new general greetings cards to the shop. These are plain inside for your own message. Have a look and buy a couple if you like ’em.

Seasonal greetings to you all – have a good ‘un.

It’s been a while. We’ve had some time out zooming round Scotland in our old lorry and it has done us both a power of good. The old camera had a good workout up there too. I may add the odd holiday snap over the next blog post or two.

Anyway, back to reality now – and I need to earn a few bob to keep up with the rising cost of beer, I mean cost of living. 

Boats at Awbridge

Since returning I have been back at it – slaving away at the ole’ confuser and hopefully whetting a few appetites for new wall adornments. As we now have a vintage lorry instead of an old boat, I am building up a collection of images in that field, and will share a few on here. 

As ever, all images are available as mounted prints, or any other format you fancy, such printed on canvas or aluminium. Just get in touch with your requirements.

Well, having said that I’m not getting involved with any more social media stuff, I’ve finally bitten the metaphorical bullet and joined Instagram. All the experts (hmm) that I know tell me that Instagram is the place to promote art – and that I should be a millionaire within three months. I have never yet believed any inteweb type experts and don’t expect to be disappointed in this case. We shall see. I have added an Instagram button  for your convenience,  to the home page. Alternatively, you could simply search for

The Coalboat Collection here.

Roach up 'Hampton.

Not every image that I share on this blog is on the shop page, but all images are available, so if one takes your fancy just give me a shout. The same applies to any images on my Instagram page. It’s not all boats over there!

Latest News from the World of Vintage Transport based Fine Art

Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to longer days and better weather, if only to enable me to walk to the pub without getting windswept or soaked. I was cajoled into giving an illustrated talk the other week – to the Staffs & Worcs Canal Society. This gave me an excuse to mess about and create a bit of art for the opening slide: the title suggested itself as the talk took place on St Valentines Day. The talk was, surprisingly, well received. Readers of “Eats Shoots and Leaves” should note the position of the punctuation in that last sentence. I may do another -who knows.

A further selection of prints is being prepared for release soon, so keep watching this space. It will be noticed by the observant amongst you that the accompanying picture is not of boats. I am also preparing a selection of prints depicting vintage road transport – both steam powered and internal combustion engined. I hope you like them.

Correct clothing for the discerning boater is essential. Get yer hoodies and tee shirts here – just click on the link below to step into the exclusive world of high vintage transport fashion.

View this section in landscape – that means hold your phone on it’s side.

L&L Boat

It has been a busy old time in the art game. The initial response to my offerings has been very encouraging, certainly encouraging enough to continue on my journey of artistic discovery. I have to say that I am enjoying the process of discovery immensely.

I have undertaken a few commissions for people enthused by my particular view on the world. These pictures were produced from photographs supplied by Chris Poole, son of the owner of the Leeds and Liverpool short-boat, Ribble, and commissioner of works of fine art. He tells me that he is extremely pleased with the results.

If you feel the need for a certain cherished picture to be made into a family heirloom, or simply want something to adorn the loo wall, please feel free to contact me with your requirements. 

Tel: 07885 284812

Happy New Year to one and all.

A couple of images of a different form of transport for your delectation. I’m really quite pleased with these.

These images can be purchased as mounted prints, or can be ordered as larger posters, or printed onto aluminium as large wall art. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 07885 284812

Steam at Little Leigh
Fine art

That ideal, elusive Christmas gift for the boater in your life is now available.

Christmas is coming – sort out that extra special present for the boating fan in your life. Tee shirts, hoodies and various other goodies are available in the designs  shown below. Click on the “View my Portfolio” link to access these delights at my Redbubble store. Please note – for some reason unfathomable to me – this particular blog post works better if you view it in landscape format on your phone!

Up and Running

It’s been a bit of a steep learning curve this week. There have been a few glitches on the website that I had not picked up before publication, hopefully these have now been resolved. Thanks are due to Globetrotting Web Services and Beer Drinking Inc at Tewkesbury, (otherwise known as the sometime skipper of a pair of boats for Birmingham & Midland), for his help.

Reaction to my humble offerings has been positive, positive enough at any rate to encourage me to press on. 

There are a few select premises that have examples of my pictures on display (and for sale, obviously), so if you are in the neighbourhood of any of them please have a look in person. Venetian Marina in Cheshire, Lyons Boatyard on the Northern Stratford Canal at Kings Heath, Bridge 35 Chandlery at Hanbury Wharf, and the Forge Studio at Dunhampstead all have mounted prints on display, and all, needless to say, are worth a visit in their own right.

Art gallery

The picture above shows a selection of my artwork framed and on display at Bridge 35 Chandlery, Hanbury Wharf near Droitwich. All of the listed establishments also have supplies of our cards for sale. 

Welcome Back



It was with some trepidation that I deleted the old coalboat.co.uk website to begin making this site. I have had to learn to use a different website building programme to that I used previously, and have found it challenging. I expect it is an age thing. I hope that you find it easy to use and worth the effort of looking.

Anyhow, here we are and I’m reasonably pleased with the result.

As many of you will be aware, Jenny and I sold our coal business a couple of years ago, and subsequently sold our boat “Roach” too. This meant that I needed something to do, mainly to earn some beer tokens. I have been working part time for the coal-merchant who bought our business, but have now decided that lugging coal sacks and gas bottles is for the younger generation.

The pictures for sale on this site record some of the interesting and varied places that we have passed through over the years. Some of these pictures show boats that have worked with us to provide extra capacity, or that have loaded at our yard for their own customers.

Happy memories.

Greetings card

These images are variously available as mounted prints and greetings cards. I have also added four designs of Christmas cards. The button below leads directly to our shop page.

Happy New Year to one and all.

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