Fuels Available

All our fuels are supplied in 25kg pre-packed bags. We believe that this size offers the best value for money for our customers. Remember, four of our 25kg bags contain the same weight of fuel as five 20kg bags.

We can also deliver with open sacks tipped directly into your bunker.

Click on the Approved Coal Merchant logo to access the Coal Merchants Federation website. There are links to various other helpful sites on here too; the Solid Fuel Association and Hetas provide loads of help and information regarding fires, stoves, flues and fuels. Hetas also publish a list of all approved smokeless fuels on their website; if your fuel is not shown on their list it is not an approved product. All packaging has to show the approved name of the fuel contained within by law.

If you are in doubt as to the right fuel for your appliance, the best advice is to contact the appliance manufacturer for their recommendations. If this proves difficult for whatever reason, then please feel free to call us for advice on the number below. 


Listed below are the fuels that we carry in stock. We believe that our range covers all applications and budgets, but we appreciate that some customers have other preferences, so we can supply almost all other fuels to order.

Please contact Charlton Whitehouse Fuels Ltd directly on: 

0121 544 3595  

for up to date prices and to make your order.

Approved Smokeless Fuels


Anthracite is naturally occurring smokeless coal and is available in five distinct sizes. Grains, Peas and Beans are generally suited to hopper feed central heating boilers, whereas Small Nut (sometimes known as Stovesse), and Large Nut sizes are ideal for stoves and room-heaters. The anthracite that we supply is branded “Onllwyn Black Diamond”, which means that it is the best quality Welsh anthracite available. Anthracite looks like very shiny house-coal.


Multi-heat / Brazier

Multi-heat is a low cost, approved smokeless fuel suitable for the budget-concious, and is fine for all closed appliances. Multi-heat is also marketed as “Brazier” by its’ manufacturer, CPL. Multi-heat is a mix of two different briquettes as shown in the picture.



This is an economy large ovoid that is suitable for use in both closed and open appliances. Supertherm briquettes now have an indented line across the middle of one side only, this is to ensure that it can be differentiated from other similar shaped, and usually inferior, fuels.



Excel is a petroleum coke based briquette and is approved for use in both open and closed appliances. 



Taybrite is a popular ovoid, readily available and suitable for all closed appliances. It’s easy nature recommends it to all users. It gives a good heat output and stays in well overnight. Taybrite is one of the fuels recommended by Glynwed Foundries, the makers of Rayburn cookers, as suitable for their appliances.

Taybrite-soild-fuel 0


Phurnacite is a premium quality small ovoid designed for use on boilers, but it is very good in all closed appliances. It is long lasting and gives a high heat output. We use this fuel on our stoves.

Phurnacite-soild-fuel 0

Homefire Ovals

Homefire Ovals are the top quality large ovoid, suitable for both open and closed appliances. Long lasting and with a high heat output, this fuel is highly recommended. and along with Phurnacite, is our fuel of choice. Note that this product has two indented lines around the centre of the briquette, if your fuel does not have these distinguishing marks, then it is not Homefire Ovals and, therefore, of inferior quality.



Homefire is an instantly recognisable fuel as a result of the hexagonal shape of the briquettes. It is a top quality fuel designed for use on open fires in smoke-controlled areas, but is also suitable for use on closed appliances. 

Homefire%20Product 0

Non-smokeless fuels


Available in two sizes, Trebles and Doubles. Trebles are roughly clenched fist sized, and Doubles are smaller. House-coal is great on open fires, but cannot be burned in Smoke-controlled areas unless you have a fire that is specifically approved for this purpose. 

House-coal can be burned on boat stoves, but the short chimney length compromises the efficiency of the flue, and soot will quickly form. Cleaning of the chimney and stove flue-ways every few days is essential when burning house-coal.



Stoveglow / Heat

Stoveglow is an economy ovoid, which is fine for use on boat stoves and in multi-fuel burners, but it must be remembered that it is not approved for use in smoke-controlled areas. Stoveglow is a proprietary name for CPL's (Coal Products Limited) Heat.



Red is a cheap, "bottom of the market” economy ovoid, also sold as “Winterblaze” in some areas. It is a large ovoid, almost identical in shape to several other “economy” ovoids. This fuel is not authorised for use in smoke-controlled areas.



Seasoned hardwood logs are available to order.



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