Wightwick Dredged!

The pound between the two locks at Wightwick on the Staffs & Worcs Canal has now been dredged. Contractors have dredged out the offending scour in this pound (see previous blogs), together with the detritus obstructing the lock tail at Wightwick Mill Lock and the winding hole at the bottom end of the pound.


The above picture shows the CRT winching team pulling Jules Fuels’ Bideford over the scour.

Hopefully they have also cleaned out the catch pit at the end of the drain that has caused the scour to form, and that regular clearing out of this pit will now take place. Time will tell, although CRT inform me that they are compiling a list of places that will require regular attention, and that they will get the required regular attention. I hope so.

There are plenty of other places where scours form by drainage outfalls, and these need clearing out on a regular basis too. The one to the north of Stafford Boat Club is one such place, as is the scour formed on the bend to the north of Tardebigge Old Wharf where, incidentally, the empty Grand Union motor boat Fulbourne got stuck recently, and had to be towed off by a local boater after CRT failed in their attempt to winch the boat off. © John Jackson 2014