Narrow Boat Trust (again)

The Narrow Boat Trusts’ Nuneaton has just left Awbridge loaded with solid fuels for delivery to their regular customers down South. They will pick up their butty, Brighton, already full of coal at Oxley Moor and then head off up the Wolverhampton 21 Locks, after a night in Orphs’ bar.


Barry, Bob and Colin are shown here, hard at it at Dimmingsdale Lock. 

It goes without saying that a night out in the Bell was managed, and the odd pint of Bathams despatched. The food in there is very good, but Barry, being the refined gannet that he is, had a family-size pork pie for his pudding after a good meal of faggots, mash and peas (payes as they say in these parts). 

It was Yorkshire Day in the pub, as new Trust member Bob revealed that he was from Donny, and what with Colin hailing from Harrogate, and me from Sheffield, Barry and John were out-numbered and out thee’d and out thy’ed. 

Loading was carried out this morning in fine, dry weather, which is unusual around here. Most of the coal ordered is generally ready on pallets when the boats arrive, but occasionally further orders are received at the last minute. The following picture shows off the championship standard of Barrys' pallet stacking of a late order prior to fork-trucking it down to the wharf-side. Awsome!


Nuneaton managed to squeek over the previously reported scour (see previous blogs) at Wightwick on a back-flush; I think that no further silt has been deposited here as we have had no rain, and the channel cut  by the previous few loaded boats being winched through is still there. We still have no news of a start date for any dredging work at this location, but have been told that contractors are looking at it. I’m not sure what that means. I’m sure that all will be revealed in time. © John Jackson 2014