Nuneaton and Brighton

This pair of large Grand Union boats are owned and operated by the Narrow Boat Trust. They usually undertake two coal runs a year, which generate a large portion of the income needed to keep these boats in working order, together with numerous trips to make appearances at boat rallies, open days and other canal related events. They are crewed by various members of the Trust, who all seem to enjoy the trip to load at Awbridge. Probably something to do with the proximity of The Bell, a convivial hostelry which just happens to sell Bathams best bitter.


Nuneaton is a Large Northwich motor boat, which means that it was built for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company by Yarwoods on the River Weaver in Northwich, Cheshire. 


Brighton is a Large Woolwich butty boat, built for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company by Harland and Wolff at Woolwich on the River Thames. Brighton, as a butty boat, is towed along by Nuneaton. 

The Narrow Boat Trust website can be reached by clicking on the link here. © John Jackson 2014